Canto de Agua, Jardin is an eco camp project developing in an off-the-grid co-working site for small groups of like-minded people who share our goals and vision based on natural sustainable living.

Canto de Agua in Jardín

Many people come to visit Jardín (Antioquia, Colombia) for various reasons. It is an amazing village in the Colombian Andes surrounded by waterfalls, caves, creeks, rivers and mind blowing nature.


‘Canto de Agua’ is a Digital Nomad eco camp project developing about 3 kilometers from Jardin, Antioquia, based on sustainable living.

Do you care about your footprint on our planet?
Do you enjoy hiking, mountain biking, being outdoors?
Do you enjoy peaceful nature in a memorable setting?
Do you or would you like to work remotely and be location independent?
Do  you or would you like to practice yoga, meditation, relaxation?
Are you vegan or would you like to try or learn about a plant based diet?


See if you qualify to join us in our journey in this amazing part of Colombia and to step into the Canto de Agua Experience!

Phone: +57 321 821 4442
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